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This historic all-uphill run draws thousands of runners from across New England, throughout the U.S., and from countries as close as Canada and as far away as Kenya, to make the grueling climb to the summit of the highest peak in the Northeast.

As the race begins its second half-century, this challenging annual event is now officially an in-house operation of the Mt. Washington Auto Road, the private organization that owns the ultra-steep 7.6-mile Auto Road where the race is held. The organization will maintain overall ownership and supervision of the event.

Racer Selection Fee
Beginning in 2015, ALL individuals registering for the Northeast Delta Dental Mt. Washington Road Race Racer Selection, will incur a NON-REFUNDABLE administrative processing fee of $5.00.  Individuals who are randomly selected to participate in the 2015 Northeast Delta Dental Mt. Washington Road Race will pay the $5.00 administrative processing fee and an additional $80.00 registration fee, for a total of $85.00.
PLEASE NOTE: This is an administrative fee associated with the random selection of the event, and will NOT be refunded to individuals who are not selected to participate in the 2016 Northeast Delta Dental Mt. Washington Road Race.

Team vs. Group Registration
Please bear in mind the difference between team and group registration. If you are signing up for the Racer Selection with friends, use the Group Registration feature…this means your entire group either gets accepted or rejected together. If you are participating as part of a team for the team competition please provide your team information with your registration materials. Click here for more information on the Racer Selection process.

Driving and Summit Parking
Two of the most important aspects of the race are, competitors coordinating their trip down the mountain after the finish of the race, and the summit parking plan for race support and spectators. Please read ALL materials related to parking and summit travel here…..it can make a big difference on how your day goes at the mountain.

Friday Night Activities
Friday night activities will include Bib Pickup only this year as the Hall of Fame ceremony has been moved to just before the awards on Saturday afternoon to allow participants to retire early and maximize their rest in preparation for the race.

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